Gayle Halliwell

About my journey...

I have lake water in my veins!

...and it flows out from my brush onto canvas and paper to create images of my lakeside surroundings. My days are spent splashing, squishing and splattering away at Studio 410 in Winnipeg Beach. 

My lake-loving life started with annual family vacations at a cottage on Lake Winnipeg. After experiencing this vast prairie ocean from a boat, I was hooked! We have been summer live-abord boaters for more than four decades, and have enjoyed a lakefront home for more than 30 years. Naturally, these deep experiences influence my watercolours, acrylics and works in clay. 

In 2006 I pivoted from my working career to filling my days reading about visual art, soaking up workshops and lessons, and building my own arts practice.

Studio 410 opened in 2010, a space dedicated to my visual arts work, events, and just plain fun. It was a labour of love turning a neglected site into a year-round creative venue--but it was worth that 10 months' of toil! We repaired, salvaged, scrounged, and scoured used stores. I love being there now that the work I do is all creative and not so much Mr. Fixit.

In 2011, I was joined the The WAVE Artists' Studio Tour. This Cooperative of artists open their east Interlake studios twice each year to get up close and personal with the public. On the second weekend in June and the September long, Saturday & Sunday of each, from 10 am to 6 pm you can visit dozens of studios to get a behind-the-scenes look at creativity. It's worth the trip!

First Fridays at the Beach, a successful once-a-month evening in the arts, had to be suspended during the worst of the pandemic. I had 3 fun years hosting book launches, workshops, and shows with guest artists, groups and colleagues on the first Friday of each month. I plan to have a schedule of events for May through October 2024. Stay tuned!

Along the way, I have been in several group and duo shows at The WAG, cre8ery, New Iceland Heritage Museum, and the Gas Station Theatre. The WAG, three years running, hosted a show by WAVE artists and in one I was so honoured to have my piece chosen by The WAG for the show poster promo. My first solo show was held at Gwen Fox Gallery, an opportunity that challenged me even more and produced tremendous growth in my skills and knowledge.

I continue in self-directed learning about the world and business of art, and take workshops to fill in gaps--technology is a challenge! Recently, my Celtic roots have started to surface in my works. I am drawn to the patterns and styles used to represent ancient meanings. I'm not sure where this will take me, but I'm on a journey!

During the last 2 years, I have added to my half- and full-day workshops the challenge of teaching weekly lessons. I plan to share more of these with people through in-person, small group, and online sessions (technology permitting, lol). Check out my events for 2024 Watercolour sessions!

And writing...I have been writing poetry to explore my art, called ekphasis. Artist Rosemary Miguez and I  shared how to do this in a workshop at Gwen Fox Gallery. In February 2024, I am in a small group show at the Gallery with the theme Visual Chronicles--the story behind the work.  Music has become a passion that seems to complement my visual arts, too. I find that playing musical instruments inspires my paintings. I am still near the bottom of the learning curve when it comes to playing music so am working to improve. Whew, lots of challenge coming my way!

I am a member of The Interlake WAVE Artists of Manitoba, cre8ery Gallery, Gwen Fox Gallery, Gimli Art Club, and Creative Manitoba. My works are in several collections across Canada and the United States.

You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram; my works are in my studio, as well as online and in-person at Gimli Art Club and Gwen Fox Gallery, and on The WAVE website

Lake, sky and landscapes in watercolour, acrylics & clay.